Saturday, October 29, 2011

there's nothing like being sick to kill writerly momentum

Being sick and unemployed isn't that much worse than being sick and in some ways it's an easier thing to deal with.  It's not like a company is going to lose productivity for my being absent and it means I can keep hunting down job leads from home.  But it has meant that physical and mental energy depletes faster and that as a result I have not been tackling my essays for Mockingbird as assiduously as I would like.

Oh, yes, and there's this thing about needing eye surgery.  All things considered, with the distractions at hand, I feel that I'm still doing a tolerable job writing about cartoons when I have so many other things going on in my life.  It is going to be easier to write when I'm not coughing up green sputum.

But there is a time and a season to everything under heaven and sometimes there is a time to party with friends.  I have come upon such a time.  For others there is a time to speak and organize conferences, so I hope you'll bear with us, dear readers, if the essays about Batman: the animated series have had to take a hiatus due to my health problems.  I trust there's no nail-biting anticipation.  I still have a lot more to write about the DC animated universe yet and hope to do that.  Meanwhile, the real world does have its priorities like hunting for work and doing what I can to get help for eye surgery. 

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