Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scotteriology misses the Mark on Mark Driscoll and Westboro Baptist Church

Must have seemed like a fun blog title for Scotteriology to say "Mark Driscoll Joins Westboro Baptist Church".  Scotteriology mentions a number of things he's fond wrong with Driscoll and writes "Now it seems he is adopting the theology of Westboro Baptist Church."

Scott, being Canadian, just may not have access to the same coverage yours truly has to American coverage of the protest of Mars Hill Church Westboro Baptist Church planned earlier this year. Scott also has a job (something I wish I had) and does not live in Seattle.  Just about nothing would make yours truly happier than if I could have had a job so as to have NOT noticed the old news of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting Driscoll and Mars Hill.  As a matter of fact the protest was announced and happened ... four months ago:

The protest turned out to be a few people from Westboro Baptist Church showing up to "protest" by standing in front of a MH campus (they were still being called campuses back then, I think) for a few minutes and then moving on because, apparently, they had other places to protest.  None of the protestors actually stayed to attend the service.  See, Wenatchee the Hatchet lives in Seattle and word gets around.  It looks like Westboro Baptist Church got what they thought was some handy publicity in announcing in advance they would protest Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church for saying God loves most people and then considered their mission accomplished. 

So while Scott's certainly entitled to think Driscoll's theology is similar to that of Westboro Baptist Church, this year Westboro Baptist Church made it clear they think the God Driscoll preaches isn't actually hateful enough and they didn't want the donuts Mars Hill staff left for them.  Such is life.

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