Sunday, October 09, 2011

Joel Osteen as bigot, Joel Osteen as progressive prosperity gospel heretic

Conservatives have lambasted Joel Osteen for a prosperity theology false gospel and liberals consider Joel Osteen a bigot for refusing to get behind homosexual marriage.  Now in the past I've heard it said by a preacher that the way to know if you're on the right path is if you annoy the liberals for being too conservative and if you annoy the fundamentalists for being too liberal.  There was a more idealistic time in my life when I took that metric seriously. I no longer do.

And, surely, now that Joel Osteen has managed to pulled off this hat trick of being too liberal for conservatives and too conservative for liberals, too, it seems that this proposed metric of angering both liberals and fundamentalists or conservatives can be done by just about anyone.  I mean if Joel Osteen can pull off this hat trick then the metric of ticking off both sides has no value at all, does it?  Well, I suppose if he passed children through fire as a Moloch offering ... .

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