Monday, September 26, 2011

found a new blog, thanks to commenter chris e

Commenter chris e introduced me to a theological blog I had not encountered before. Well, maybe I encountered it before but forgot about it and didn't post anything about an entry as I had planned. I think I did come across the "Driscoll has some `splaining to do" months back but there's nothing like having an uncle die, having some medical problems with eyes come up, and having some beloved friends marry to make a person forget something as mundane as even a good theological blog! Anyway, a portion of an entry I recently read where I highlight some things that struck me.

But what is curious about Keller’s concession that polemics is necessary as a form of medicine is whether the folks at TGC think that what they are doing through the coalition is offering a well-rounded diet. Keller says, “Polemics is medicine, not food. Without medicine we will surely die—we can’t live without it. This is why polemical theology must be a required part of every theological curriculum. Yet we cannot live on medicine.” [emphasis mine] I understand this. And it can also be said of candy, except that candy isn’t nearly as beneficial as medicine, nor is it the case that we could not live without it. Still, as I’ve asked before, what does TGC do that churches do not already do? The churches have the recipes and ingredients for a healthy spiritual diet. And sometimes they engage in polemics with those institutions that offer up prepackaged-food as the wholesome article.

So perhaps the folks at TGC need to look in the mirror and ask whether they are doing something that instigates polemics. In which case, it wouldn’t be a personality defect of Calvinists to disagree with and point out the weaknesses of a project such as TGC.

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