Monday, September 05, 2011

amidst a certain amount of chaos I am still working on some projects

The last month or so have not been the greatest months in terms of focus. I attended the funeral of a relative; I came home from said funeral of relative to discover my roommates and I had major housecleaning to do that needed taking care of; then the next week was spent trying to figure out if terrible headaches and a decline in vision were something as bad as my doctor feared it might be. The good news was that it wasn't as bad as he feared. The bad news is that I have to have cataract surgery during one of the least opportune times in my life to need it. On the other hand, I live in a city with some potentially great resources for getting help for that kind of thing. I have also been trying to keep the fire alive in hunting for steady employment and had a few job leads I needed to devote time to pursuing.

In the midst of all this I have blogged but more important than blogging has been attempting to get my momentum back for the next phase in my big project for Mockingbird. If you read the end of the last series I did about cartoons and 1980s nostalgia you saw that I was setting things up for a set of pieces on Batman: the animated series. Those are still in process. In fact what I consider to be parts 1 and 2 are almost as big as the entire Superman: the animated series project. There are still three more parts to go. And then as I map out what needs to be tackled for Justice League/Justice League Unlimited there's a mountain of stuff to be written there.

I also have a set of polemical essays about pop culture analysis, problematic views of universal narrative and how Christians can get sucked into these kinds of things as ways of "engaging culture" that are neither very scholarly nor in the long run necessarily helpful to a Christian apologetic. That's not to say these ideas I'll be taking issue with are necessarily "Christian ideas" or that the Christians who make use of them are bad Christians, far from it. In fact several of the people I have known who go in some directions I consider unproductive are some of my favorite Christians I've had the pleasure to know! However my aim is not to be that personal in addressing points of difference with people. My aim is to promote discussion of ideas and art. The points where some brothers and I disagree are not nearly so important as the points where we agree.

But as I alluded to above cataract surgery is going to be a big priority in the next month. I also have been trying to make some time to spend time with friends and family. One of my friends had a pretty bad stroke and has been recuperating. Doctors gave her a poor prognosis and told her kids (all friends of mine, which made the news of her stroke pretty rough to hear) that their mother would not speak again in all likelihood. Well, yesterday I was able to play her music I've written for steel-string guitar and classical guitar and I got to hear her use the word "counterintuitive". He ability to speak is taking time to come back and there's a lot of struggle but considering what the prognosis was a month ago she's had some remarkable recovery.

Here I digress strategically to say that I have come to suspect that part of the scriptural encouragement that we believers weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice is that this is, in its way, a way to help us realize that the Lord is faithful to provide for fellow believers in times when our prayers for ourselves so often seem to go unanswered.

I do have other things I mean to write about here but I trust you'll all be patient (those of you who actually follow this blog) if I take some time off, kinda, to write about other things. There's actually a lot of stuff I am looking into writing that may make me have to resist writing on this blog like it's the temptation it has sometimes become.

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