Monday, August 22, 2011

Link: Rolling Stone interviews Grant Morrison

Caveats, first it's Rolling Stone, so take that into advisement.
Second, it's Grant Morrison so if you haven't figured out the twenty-foot-tall neon figure doing carthweels that is the "strong language warning" I better spell it out for you before you click on the link!

There have been histories of comic books, but your book Supergods is all superheroes. It's a counter-narrative to the idea that comics need to outgrow this superhero stuff.

I can appreciate someone like Chris Ware for his artistry, which I think is beautiful, but I think his attitude stinks, it just seems to be the attitude of somebody really privileged, and honestly, try living here, try living on an Indian reservation and shut up, and really seeing all that nihilistic stuff, it really makes me angry, it's unhelpful to all of us, and it's coming from people who have money and success to talk like that and bring those aspects of the way we live in favor of all the others, and it's indefensible.

Dude, half my family line is American Indian. Grant Morrison gets an "amen!" from this comics reader!

Morrison's remark, which I won't quote here, about Alan Moore is creepy but momentous. He's got a point that considering Alan Moore isn't what you'd call a misogynist it's crazy to think there's almost any given story he's written where a woman has gotten raped or is nearly raped. Morrison's kinda crazy but I grant him a point that he made it three decades writing comics and never wrote a rape into his stories. Comics are as bad as Japanese genre movies on rape, I'm afraid. Of course the Bible not only has rape but incestuous rape to boot but that's some other topic for some other time.

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