Friday, November 05, 2010

project pending for City of God

Around the same time I was invited to write an essay on the Toy Story trilogy by Mockingbird I also got an invitation to join City of God. I think I finally have a writing project to put together for City of God but I'll need to hunker down and assemble that over time. I have more writing ideas than I feel I should try to tackle all at once but I'm overdue to write for City of God seeing as they were kind enough to invite me and I haven't written as much for them as I had hoped.

The little entry "Holy blasphemy" was the most I managed and that was more a personal reflection on how I've seen the name of the Lord abused in charismatic and Pentecostal circles than a sustained discussion of something. Now my background growing up was Assemblies of God and I've got a couple of books by Gordon Fee but the project that has most interested me that I think could be a good fit for City of God is something else. This is basically a "stay tuned" post for regular readers of the blog who are interested in the theology part of my nerdiness. If that's not you're thing and you're more into musical nerdiness I will try to have something for that interest eventually. For cartoon nerdiness I must plead poverty but because Quinault and Totoro-Man both commend the film I plan to see The Secret of Kells as soon as I realistically can.

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