Thursday, July 01, 2010

Toy Story stuff still pending

I promise I'll get to it but I've had a few real-world problems that need immediate attention. Turns out immediate attention doesn't mean it can really be immediate, just that I have to tackle it as fast as other people can make it practical for me to tackle.

I can at least say that last week I premiered one of my pieces. The premiere was to a grand total of seven or eight people but a premiere's a premiere, eh? I played my second guitar sonata and it went pretty well, even if I say so myself. It was at a local guitar society event and one of my favorite local guitarists was there who is definitely my favorite local guitarist/composer. He liked the sonata, which was encouraging. I also learned that two of my closest friends were able to make it to hear the sonata, too, which was also encouraging after the fact. The lullaby movement put their new baby to sleep which means the lullaby is still doing now what it was made to do some eight years ago when I came up with it for one of my nieces. :) So while lots of crap is going on that I have to contend with in real-world land there has been some progress on artistic stuff, however small-scale the successes are. Having my friends hear my work and having one of my favorite professionals like my work and hear it in person is encouraging.

The research for Toy Story will get tackled. I figure that instead of just blitzing through the Toy Story films by myself I should at least talk a couple of my housemates into watching them with me. You know, the whole bonding and "community" thing. :)

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