Thursday, November 12, 2009

Writing is rewriting

Clearly I do no real rewriting on this blog and for that I am not particularly sorry. But in music I have come to appreciate what I used to implement in my writing, which is the hoary axiom that writing is rewriting. The craft of being an artist is the craft of second-guessing yourself about the quality and execution of your ideas, which gets me to something pertinent.

I'm rewriting my fugue in A major for solo guitar. I love the exposition, I am quite pleased with it. I also very much enjoy the stretto at the climax of the work through to the end of the piece. I admit that at the eighth prelude and fugue that some formulas are creeping in, like employing countersubjects in the coda of the fugue as a chorale with embellishments. The guitar is not the keyboard and so the lowly guitarist has to compensate for the fact that 1) he is not and never will by J. S. Bach and 2) the guitar does not have the same capacity for grandeur or contrapuntal density as the keyboard and so concessions must be made as Bach made concessions for the contrapuntal and harmonic limitations of the violin.

But the episodes and middle entries in this new fugue disappointment. I thought I liked the middle entries earlier but now they are starting to sour on me and the episodes disappoint me a great deal. Being an artist at some point means not settling for what is your average to lower-end work.

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