Friday, November 13, 2009

Rejoice ye Homeschooled Children! Words and music!

Before there was merely the text but now there is music. Feel free to spread the word about this chestnut of 1) Reformed, 2) is it neo-Reformed or 3) Young, Restless, and Reformed hymnody. My thanks to Fearsome Comrade, now Fearsome Tycoon, for inspiring me to do some intensive study and research into unearthing this beautiful overlooked nugget of gold.

[Update] Thanks to a suggestion from Fearsome Tycoon himself I have updated the text and music so that it would be more suitable for modern sensibilities while also hewing to the great traditions of hymnody

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Fearsome Pirate said...

Suggestion: Hold the G in measure 6 for a half note, and drop one of the quarter-note Gs in measure 7. You'll have to find a syllable to drop in each verse, but it shouldn't be too hard.