Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another brilliant cartoon from Naked Pastor

I can't help but think of a young man who eventually became a pastor who declared circa 2002 that there were no righteous poor in America. A week later he amended his statement to say that there were righteous poor in America, he just did not believe there were very MANY of them. Fascinating. Apparently if you're just righteous enough you won't be poor, eh? How that avoided being a kind of prosperity gospel is beyond me but it goes to show that we must watch our own lives and doctrine closely. We can paradoxically embrace the things in practice we repudiate on principle, i.e. reductions nad falsfications of the message of Christ through the scriptures to justify things in our lives and words that are at odds with what we would profess in our best moments. This is something of an obsession of mine, as I see more clearly the gaps in my own heart and life where I do not live out what I profess. Being transformed by the renewing of the mind is a long, painful, lifelong process.

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