Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A twenty year look-back on the "Beast"


Yep, dispensationalists from twenty years ago were SOO right, the European Union is a big powerhouse that rivals the United States. now. I don't know what Hal Lindsey or Jack van Impe are up to now but I hope they haven't hitched their prophet wagon to the stars on the European Union flag.

As I wrote a long time ago it seems more painfully apparent to me that a dispensationalist frame of mind often allows you to read your own racial, political, religious, ethnic, and economic paranoia on to current events. Obama has to be the antichrist if you're a staunch Republican just as Bush HAD to be the antichrist to staunch Democrats. I'm not saying people should go vote for Democrats or Republicans as such but noting that now that quite a bit more than a decade has passed one of the popular bugbears of dispensationalists in America is not looking any more primed to be the birthplace of the antichrist than it was when I was a kid. Perhaps some dispensatioanhlists still hold the antichrist will be Syrian? For all we know the antichrist could be an American ... but Christians in America will only nominate someone from the OTHER party to that noble status! Of course if we'd drop the definite article we'd recall that the apostle wrote that there would be many antichrists ... .

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Gene said...

Is "dispensatioanhlists" spelled correctly? I'm just asking because, as you pointed out, it is very easy to criticize. It's much harder to get everything right.