Sunday, September 14, 2008

another poem, it's been a while

It's not the greatest thing, a bit perfunctory even, but I felt I needed to write it. Been reading Surprised By Hope, Bishop Wright's recent book, and it got me toying with the idea of writing a poem again. Last time I recall posting a poem here was a meditation on John 1:1-5

So here's the poem that has a fairly obvious theme:

Lord, You made Adam from the earth
And gave him life through Your own breath
Yet he forsook a life of mirth.
he turned from You, and gave us death.

Scarce had You made the earth and sea
And filled them both with living things
Than Adam turned from Your decree.
Now Death each generation stings.

Before all this You did resolve
to suffer with us for our sake.
You through Your own shed blood absolve
Our sins which drove each metal stake.

Though we, made last, chose death for all
And ruined the world You bid us tend
You came to save us from Death's thrall,
Our broken flesh and souls to mend.

You are Yourself the Promised One
Who struck the wicked Serpent's head.
You are the true life-giving Sun
Who now is risen from the dead.

Now You are first-born from the grave
And by Your word make all things new
What Adam ruined You will save
Because You are Faithful and True.

What I have tried to convey that may not come across is that Christ made the world and placed Adam in it last, Adam who brought death and destruction to the very world he was charged to keep. Christ, therefore, came to die for this world and the death Man brought to it, and by being the last Adam is paradoxically the first. There is a fascinating irony in this that the man who was made last brought death to all that came before him, while Christ died first so that He can bring life to everything that will live in the new cosmos He will bring about at the end of the age.

I don't know if that comes across in the poem, which is a first draft and not necessarily anything special. I'm not John Donne, that's for sure. But if you find this at least interesting enough to read, well, I suppose that's what blogging is for.

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