Monday, August 18, 2008

nothing much

I should get to sleep by now since the work-week beckons but I want to dash off at least SOMETHING.

You know that lengthy treatise on Koshkin's cross movement thematic development approach for his sonata for flute and guitar. I'm not posting it. Not that I don't want to write it but it just occurs to me that if I go to all the trouble of breaking down how melodic ideas get developed within and across the sonata's movements I'd just be posting something someone could rip off and I would rather it be contributing to my OWN coursework, graduate degree or what-have-you than witlessly posting a score analysis of something still under copyright that some unscrupulous student with a deadline might rip off.

So, uh, if I DID post such an article rest assured I would include bibliographic and discographic materials you'd have a pretty damned hard time replicating and would put in some pointless name-dropping of people I'm sure you don't know or who, if you DO know them, know me too and would flunk you're sorry ass.

Okay, too acerbic perhaps.

But I DO still owe more than just a cursory plug for the years' old CD plug I did for the Corona Guitar Quartet's awesome album of guitar music by Jonas Tamulionis ... I just have to concede that my own compositional work and life in general has usurped that goal! Sorry Volkmar, I hope you can forgive me! But I've pitched your CD to local journalists already so I'm hoping a few people have picked up your CD.

Okay, gripe regarding third party vendors. If you find someone selling a used copy of say, The Prince's Toys, Koshkin's first CD on Soundset Records. I would advise you to skip PLEASE go directly to here instead:

Order directly from Frank. It's the nice thing to do and since Koshkin has focal dystonia and can't record or perform anymore it's handier than buying something from the big river company. Don't get me wrong, I order from them aplenty but sometimes I prefer to go directly to the artists or producers of the smaller CDs.

I mean, sometimes the only way I find out about things is because, say, Atanas Ourkouzounov emails me about a new CD that just came out (will review in another venue at some point, no worries, though I might review it here).

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