Friday, May 16, 2008

a short story

One day a husband and wife were having an argument. They were arguing about whether to stay in the house they lived in or move to a new one. Their three children were waiting in the stairway with baited breath, wondering what was going on. One of the children finally stood up and said, "Dad, Mom, why are you fighting?"

Dad said, "We're having a discussion, son. It's not important for you to know all the details. Go upstairs and play."

So the three kids went upstairs but they didn't play, they simply listened from the upper floor. There was not much they could make out except that the argument was continuing.

Then the children heard their father say to their mother, "You're fired. You're my wife and their mother until the end of the month and then you have to go."

The wife packed up her things and left. The children came down when they heard their father's words and asked what was going on. The father said that when mom and dad have an argument the children don't need to know all the details and that Mom just got fired and they'd be getting a new, better mom.

One of the children objected, got up, and ran out the door after his mother. The other two children sat down with their father, who thanked them for their loyalty, asked them never to associate with their mother again, and thanked them for the checks they wrote him to support his work as their father and asked them to be more generous so that by an increase in his allowance he could buy them a better house and find a new mother for them who would be a better mother than their mother had been. This the remaining two children cheerfully agreed to.

The first mother had long since gone outside and was lamenting her fate. Was she fired because she said what she thought, the thing that she thought had made her ex-husband want to marry her to begin with? Some neighboring kids had seen her leave and one said to the other, "Look, the guy fired his wife. What an asshole. We never liked either of them anyway so that's just what they deserve."

But the kids were nothing more than strangers who simply saw what had happened and did not understand its meaning. Who could understand how a dad who lived off the money of his children would fire their mother and offer a minimal explanation? The children could simply not give money or recognize that a father who could fire his wife could fire his children, too. But since they had not renewed their contracts as children yet it remained to be seen if this lack of renewal was construed as being children until further notice or not being children at all until the contract was renewed. This gave the children some cause for bewilderment. It is a bit strange to imagine a father who has children as his on a contractual basis but stranger things have been known to exist.

All in all, it is a mysterious situation.

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Quinault said...

Gee...I wonder what this is about? Pretty good summary of the situation though.