Friday, March 16, 2007

Mephistopheles by a copy machine

Mephistopheles by a Copy Machine
February 28, 2002

I wish I could photocopy your soul.
I admit it isn’t admirable
But you have a soul so worth copying.
To think I have found such a wondrous thing!
Rest assured I would give you your soul back
After I’m done copying it. In fact,
If it were possible, I’d improve it.
Two souls like yours would be even more fitting
And suppose, as some say, there is no soul?
Then there’s nothing wrong with my wish at all
Since a wrong is wrong only if it’s done.
Can there be two souls if there isn’t one?
Let me try the un-do-able for you
Let me have your soul so I can make two.

Not quite a sonnet in the strict sense but the mistakes were intentional, really. It helped underline the motiff. I was inspired to write this poem by listening to a woman sing a jazz tune. I don't remember precisely why the first line popped in my head but it seemed like a funny line for a love song. But it seemed funnier as a sales pitch from the devil and that's the theme I ran with.

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