Friday, March 16, 2007

A little Robert Frost tribute

January 27, 2002 to February 26, 20002

I can’t see any stars tonight
Past all the clouds and city light
So I can’t wish upon a star
It makes a difference who you are

The street lamps say, “You’ve gone too far.
Why should you wish upon a star?
Should you not wish on what is near?
Things good for wishing are right here.”

So should I wish upon the cloud
That many bright stars does enshroud?
“Why no!” they shout, “That’s not allowed
Your wish must be on something proud.”

“You see the stars you talk about
Are ones that long ago burned out
So tell me do you have the right
To wish upon that long dead light?”

“The cloud is dumb and only wears
The light from anything that glares
You cannot wish upon a cloud
Your wish must be on something proud.”

I’m sure you’d say it isn’t sound
To wish on something on the ground.
If I were wishing what should I
Then wish upon that’s in the sky?

The street lamps say, “It’s good you ask
The orange light in which you bask
Is just the light for wishing on
And we shine well from dusk til dawn.”

”Don’t wish on dead light long delayed
Or on the clouds we have inveighed
To stay your mind on and be staid
Use light for which your taxes paid.”

Say what you will but realize
Your granting wishes is no prize
Your orange glow is still on loan
At least the star’s light is its own.

And don’t you stand upon the ground?
To wish on you would be unsound.
The wish you grant would not suffice
A wish my taxes paid for twice.

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