Tuesday, May 30, 2006

on recent posts

I have posted most of the material from an essay project I've tentatively called "Penis Music and other Rock and Roll Conundrums". I thought about adding my ancient essay "The Composer in the Evi lEmpire" but maybe I should save that for later. Still, this for people who grew up during the Reagan years the title I just threw out telegraphs the subject of my pending blog post. For those less attuned to Cold War terminology I've got a Shostakovich essay in the works. I'll be taking umbrage with some statements by Robert Craft and will see to it his works (which are cool even when I don't agree with them)( get properly quoted and all.

But if I post more I might get you all bored. So think of the recent posts as making up for lost time. I've been sick and have done some travelling lately, though by no means have I travelled far.


JS Bangs said...

This is a great set of essays. You said they're being collected, but what are you planning on doing with the collection?

Anonymous said...

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