Monday, April 17, 2006

bits lying around

A few years ago I tried writing a few essays, some of which appeared on a now retired website and after I do some scrounging around I'll try to post some of those eessays here. There's one in particular called "The Composer in the Evil Empire" that I wrote in consideration of Shostakovich, whose centennial happens to be this year.

Shostakovich is an interesting dude. His music varies widly in quality. If Hindemith or Bartok have a bad day composing their music is simply dull but when Shostakovich has a bad day composing his music is nothing less than infuriating. There's no small difference between blandly forgettable and infuriatingly memorable. I still regret the hours I spent trying to slog through symphonies 2 and 3 by Shostakvoich. But his string quartets are all fantastic. Anyway, since this is the year to wax whatever about Shostakovich, for or against, I'll try to scrounge up an essay later.


Brandon woody said...

I'm from Wenatche and I'm a composer/performer in both classical and blues/rock styles of music. I like your blog. :)
I wonder if I know you, check me out at

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I've never been to Wenatchee, actually. I just liked the sound of the phrase "Wenatchee the Hatchet".