Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jonas Tamulionis

There's a great CD of this Lithuanian composer's music out on Albany Records that I want to plug. I will add more details about track listings and where you can get at least one score for some of this guys' work when I can carve out more time. Props to Volkmaer Zimmermann and company for recording a really cool CD.

For those of you who have The Russian Collection Volume 5 fro Editions Orphee this CD includes the first and only commercially available recording of Tamulionis' Eleven Preludes that I've ever come across.

His style is fairly neo-classical but of a Eastern European variety more than what you'd expect from a German or French neo-classicist, for instance. I recently lent the CD out and so have not had a chance to look at the material in more detail but I promise to provide more notes about each piece when I can.

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